Monday, November 15, 2010

hari yang amat kelakar..hehe

I do not go long this blog
even just a few days but I feel kind of old .. hehe ..
while the sun is right above our heads,
I love to share an amusing little story that I and anyone involved ..
in 10/nov/10, watch I'm not sure what time, what is important during the afternoon ..
At that time I had just finished with roomate neatly and pack our goods in the trunk, so tiring ..
after that, I took a balloon bubble belongs to me and blew roomate seems little girl too .. huhu ..
of fun playing it, suddenly my room next to them to help me bring those images by using the sentence "ke_an" ..
I excitedly got up and continued towards the door, and not arbitrarily bambb ..
want to know what, I fell off da .. hehe ..
kind of rotten jackfruit ..
I do not think I screamed a bit strong to say it out of my level I want to see what happened until I screamed at so powerful ..
aduhhh, shy la giler ..
event that evening I can not forget .. funny ..

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